Learner information *
Learner information
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Birth Date
Enter a value between 0 and 12. 0 for kindergarten.
Parent/Guardian information *
Parent/Guardian information
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Primary Address
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Parent Phone
How many parents? Who, other than you, is an active parent? Siblings? What's their family unit look like?
Learner questionnaire
These questions are to be answered by the student. (It's fine for the parent to type or enter the information for younger students, but the answers should come from them.)
Parent questionnaire
We have all prospective students visit for a week as a key part of our enrollment process.
When would be a good time for a visiting week?
When would be a good time for a visiting week?
We can't promise to make this date work, but it is helpful to know what works for you.
When would be the ideal date for your child's enrollment to officially begin? *
When would be the ideal date for your child's enrollment to officially begin?
Some families are looking to enroll ASAP, others are preparing well in advance for next year.
ALC Philosophy Agreement *
I understand that the ALC provides a real-world learning environment for people to develop self-direction, self-motivation and self-knowledge and as such never requires students to attend specific classes or produce specific work. As a community, we will collectively support people's requests for learning, but will not direct learning activities according to any curriculum or imposed judgements on what is valuable for another person to learn. In order to take responsibility for the community and to engage intentionally, some basic activities are required for anyone in the Branches program. Currently, these are: Morning/Afternoon meetings (15 min each), Set-the-Week meeting (weekly, 20 min), Change-Up meeting (weekly, 30 min), Clean up (daily, 15 min), and cooperation with Culture Circles in which participation is requested. Beyond these community-related commitments, no other activities will be mandatory.
Statement of Accessibility *
Our vision is to be a transformative community that reflects New Orleans diversity of races, ages, physical abilities, ethnicities, religious and spiritual groups, socioeconomic statuses, sexual orientations, and gender expressions. Because of our commitment to accessibility, we operate with a trust-based sliding scale for tuition. Families contribute at different tiers based on their financial means. It is critical that new families understand and align with this policy as an essential action towards equity and inclusivity. If you have not yet carefully read through our Tuition Info page, please do so now. You will need to complete the Tuition Worksheet (make a tuition offer) in order to complete the application process. We will not be able to process any applications that do have a corresponding Tuition Worksheet.