Have your child experience Self-Directed learning! 

Even though self-directed learning has been around for as long as human societies exist, a lot of families are afraid to take the leap, fearing that without conventional schooling, their children won't be well equipped for life - present and future.

Here's the opportunity to have your child experience it without making a strong commitment: we're offering camp during school breaks (fall and spring).

Your child will come to Dat School with his/her own projects and questions in mind. S/he will have the opportunity to explore those with or without assistance, as well as participate in activities offered by our facilitators and other children.

Here are a few ideas of activities that can be offered thanks to materials on site and skilled facilitators: gardening, ballroom dancing, story telling, mural painting, math games, foreign language, cooking, play writing and acting, arts and crafts, science projects, sewing.

Because we believe that informal play is part of the growing process, your child will not be forced to participate in any activity. We trust children for choosing activities that will help them grow and keep the joy of learning intact.

Fall camp

Who :  children age 5-12 (children about to turn 5 welcome)

Includes materials. Families provide snacks and lunch.

When : October 8 - 12 -  9am - 4pm

How much : $150 

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