I am a primary school teacher and a eager learner. Originally from Belgium, I have adopted New Orleans as my home 9 years ago. Currently working in the public school system in New Orleans, I have visited alternative schools in different states and countries and am convinced of the need for more alternative learning places in New Orleans. 


As a parent of a second-grader, I am just getting my feet wet in the public school system in New Orleans. My child has already attended two different public schools. While there are things about both of theses schools that I found valuable, they both lack something major - the ability for my son to learn in ways that make sense to him. Even from the age of 4 I have had to answer questions repeatedly on why he can't learn and talk at the same time, or why he and his classmates have to sit in their chairs so much. Children learn through movement, play and curiosity. Dat School's principal ideas revolve around the belief that children are naturally curious and born learners. I want to give my child, and others in New Orleans, the opportunity to learn how they want and to grow into free-thinking, problem-solving individuals. When I heard about Dat School, I knew I had to get involved to ensure that a place like this exists for kids in New Orleans.


I heard about alternative education few years ago and I wasn't really paying attention. I am a teacher and I was satisfied with the change I was making inside my classroom within the system. Then I had a son. Looking at him growing up, full of energy and curiosity, it became an evidence that we needed something else. This is my reason for being part of Dat School! I want to see kids growing up naturally happy!