Pilot No. 3

What a fantastic day we had! This particular Saturday morning we had almost all of our pilot participants present. With five kids and all their activities, it was a busy morning, but oh so fun.

As usual, we started the morning out by setting our intentions for the day and hearing offerings of other activities from facilitators and students. Most of the students wanted to continue to work on projects that they had previously begun. Levy wanted to continue to work on an art project she was creating for her mother and agreed to allow Lucía to help her. Lucía and Emilio had invented a game called Barry Ball that they wanted to teach to the other students. Desmond decided to postpone working on his secret hideout since he was interested in doing so many of the other activities that day. Joaquin wanted to continue working towards becoming a chef and made vegan chocolate chip cookies with Desmond. 


Volunteer Victoria was visiting for the first time and observed how the school worked. She fell right in and was great to have around for both observations and for participation in activities. She hopes to offer a yoga class soon.

To close out the day, Victoria offered some breathing exercises to ground everyone before the reflection on the day. During reflection, the students discussed what they had accomplished that day and what they hoped to accomplish during next weekend's pilot session. 

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