Rolling enrollment: Since each student’s curriculum is self-generated, you can enroll any time during the school year. Tuition is prorated for the portion of the school year enrolled.

Step 1: Research!

We are not a typical homeschool group! Dat School is a learning center committed to trusting children to direct their own education. 

Learn more about Self-Directed Education to understand the underlying philosophy of our learning center.

Explore the ALC educational model and our FAQ page. Learn from some of the videosbooks, and articles that have inspired this approach to learning and community. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. 

Step 2: Attend a Parent Interest Session

RSVP to a Parent Interest Session to learn more about our learning center and have your questions answered. See the events page to check out the dates of the next sessions or simply request one!

Step 3: Register your child/ren and review our Tuition Info Page

Complete our online application.

We offer tuition on a sliding scale. Currently, the minimum tuition level is $1,000 and the maximum is $12,000. Please read through our Tuition Info Page to understand our collaborative, trust-based tuition policy. 

Step 4: Family interview

We’ll set up a time for a family interview to connect and to discuss.

Step 5: Visiting week

If we are all feeling aligned after the family interview, we’ll invite you and your child for a visiting week. A visiting week allows the student to experience what it is like to be here and lets us to make sure the student is a good fit for our environment. Your child can attend a one or two week “trial period” ($100 for one week; $175 for two weeks). This longer visit allows students to participate in the variety of experiences at Dat School since each day is different.

Step 6 : Final Enrollment

At the conclusion of the visiting week, we’ll seek feedback from the other students and collectively we’ll discuss what support may be involved in integrating the new student. If we are all in alignment around enrollment, you will complete your enrollment by paying a deposit of 20% of the annual tuition offer and executing the final enrollment documents. Enrollment will be officially confirmed and the child will be able to start attending Dat School when the enrollment agreement is signed, all other enrollment forms are submitted, and the deposit has been paid.