Step 1: Research!

We are not a typical school! Dat School is a learning center committed to trusting children to direct their own education. Explore the ALC educational model and our FAQ page. Learn from some of the videosbooks, and articles that have inspired this approach to learning and community. Check us out on Facebook. 

Step 2: Review our Tuition Info Page 

We offer tuition on a sliding scale. Full tuition is $ 7000 annually. Please read through our Tuition Info Page to understand our collaborative, trust-based tuition policy. 

Step 3: Apply and Attend a Parent Interest Session

Complete our online application. If you cannot pay full tuition, make sure to complete the tuition worksheet along with your application. 

RSVP to a Parent Interest Session to learn more about our learning center and have your questions answered. You may attend a Parent Interest Session before applying. See the "events" page to check out the dates of the next sessions. They happen almost every week!

Step 4: Final Enrollment

When enrollment is offered, we will ask for a 20% deposit of your annual tuition agreement. Enrollment will be officially confirmed when the enrollment agreement is signed, all other enrollment forms are submitted, and the deposit has been paid.